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 Lizard for Knights - REF MANA 100% AFK 100% PROFIT!

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Data de inscrição : 23/06/2011

MensagemAssunto: Lizard for Knights - REF MANA 100% AFK 100% PROFIT!   Qui Jun 23, 2011 10:46 am

I'll disponibilize the script I've made to hunt on Lizards, I was being too much reported on drags and a CM came to me.

It's complete, all you need is set the bps as the instructions and run it on depot of Port Hope.

EXP: 70k/h
GP: 10-13k/h

Bps Setup
You need a Yellow Backpack with Yellow Backpacks (each one inside each other) on your Port Hope depot - to deposit loots
A Brown Backpack on your backpack slot - to manas/ghps
A Camouflage Backpack with Camouflage Backpacks inside your Brown Backpack - to loots to be deposited
A Brocade Backpack with Brocade Backpacks inside your Brown Backpack - to gold and npc sellable items

Refill manas (250)
Buy eggs
Deposit items
Sell items to NPC Brengus
Safe backpacks open (to avoid on not having all bps exactly open)
SS on advance
Furniture breaker
Alerts (check Alerts script on persistent to change it if you dont want)

Please report the bugs on PM or here and I'll repair the script and post the new version
Version 1.1 released: Some cavebot ajusts
Version 1.2 released: Some cavebot ajusts like changing the depot sqm and some anti-bug stuff
Version 1.3 released: Adapted backpacks way of open according to the new update



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Lizard for Knights - REF MANA 100% AFK 100% PROFIT!
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